Live like a butterfly, spread your wings!

Humans are always very busy with thousands of things at the time. Our brains have daily 60.000 thoughts, so it’s almost impossible to enjoy the moments of life. Most live in the past or the future and much do little in the ‘now moments’. We can learn from the birds, butterfly’s and other animals as they always live in the ‘now moment’  to survive. Try to live like a butterfly, spread your wings and stop waisting your time on social media.

Social media.

Have a social media pause and enjoy the beautiful simple things in life, they are mostly for free also. The smart phones have made us stupid people. The more social media we have, the less social we’ve become. Don’t let social media take over your life. It’s an easy trap to fall for.

Some people are no longer themselves and get depressed by the online platforms. While there are so many beautiful things in the world you can enjoy right now.

So take a look at the animals. They pull together and enjoy the few years they have together.  You should enjoy the moments with your loved ones now. Don’t worry about what will happen tomorrow because every day has its own problems. Stop comparing yourself with people who are better off, but be satisfied with what you already have.

Enjoy life.

That’s why I say, enjoy your life! Enjoy the shining sun or the pouring refreshing rain. Listen to the lovely singing of the birds or take a nice walk in the forest. Breathe in that lovely free air and think of the most beautiful moments in life. Spread your wings and live now!

Made by Vincent Messelier, a self taught, passionate belgian artist. If you want more information,please don’t hesitate to contact us.