‘Divine Justice 2’

Divine justice isn’t worldwide always right. Sometimes it is very subjective.European elections are determined and now the right choosen people have to take their responsibility.

Where is  our justice?

Time will give the right answers, but It sure will take time to find it out. Changes worldwide are now appearing in an ‘up-tempo’. Speed is not always right but with a divine feeling of Justice it will turn out positive. We see terrible things happening all over the world. Forest fires, border refugees, yellow vests and climate activists. People  protests on the streets to show  their anger for the people they’ve lost. “Where is the justice” they wonder? It is time for our political leaders to take their responsibility seriously. There is too much impunity in our country. 

A society without justice is like a pub without beer. A cake without cherry and a car without fuel. In other words, we need justice to guarantee the quality of life for everyone.  We can no longer let criminals walk free. Even people in higher positions can no longer be defended for the crimes they have committed. People are tired of it. The laws must apply to everyone. Only then  will there be peace on our planet.


So we live in important times. There are elections everywhere. The new people in politics have a big task. Can they correct the mistakes of their predecessors? I hope so! We need younger people with fresh ideas. The world is changing enormously. What will planet Earth look like in 10 years?

And we’ve got to do better. For the lives of our children. They can’t grow up in our polluted society. They deserve better. Everyone has the right to make money. And every child has a right to education. We all deserve to be happy. 

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Made by Vincent Messelier, the passionate artist.