He works with pallet knives and you always can recognize vertical and horizontal stripes and lines that are corrections of the chaos he sometimes put on the canvas. They are referring to the meridians of the Globe. Acryl is his medium and sometimes he combines with pieces of wood, foam or other materials.

He won several international awards and appeared in various artbooks worldwide that recognizes him in the artworld as contemporary master.

Vincent Messelier is a very professional artist who likes to work on customer demand for his clients, giving advice and communicating with the executive procurators, designers and owners. Art is his second skin and his passion reaches the highest level. He received titles as contemporary master, chevalier-accadémicien and officer-ambassador for Belgium from de Mondial Art Academia in France.


He also is very versatile and looking for projects, connected to his passion, surrounding people who has the same vision about art. Like the upcoming projects for Tapestries, a new Gin, Chocolate, and even a joint venture with haute couture for clothing coming soon.

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