Divine love

Going back to the world we love is what everyone wants right now. We want to do what we love. Right now, the world is so bleak. People don’t want to laugh or be optimistic any more. It is as if love has left our world. The weather is gloomy, the news only talks about hate, our privacy is flushed down the toilet. It’s not good times plus we can’t plan ahead anymore. We don’t even know what the future will bring. Will it ever be like before? Or will we have to move on to the next pandemic in 15 years?

Actually, it is quite ironic that people have become so depressed and aggressive. This time should just show us who really cares about us. Isn’t this what divine love is all about? To love, in good times and bad. It is easy to be kind and show compassion when you yourself are well off and have little trouble. True love may be tested, but it beats all situations.What is the world coming to if we no longer want to help each other in bad times? “We must show solidarity” is what politicians are constantly saying. But how many of them give up part of their salary out of solidarity? In the meantime, we have a serious mountain of debt, which is causing serious inflation.

The love of money is greater than the love of people and is leading us into even more trouble. During this pandemic, we have seen the true faces of many celebrities and politicians. People who used to be almost worshipped by some. But now suddenly we see a Dutch king who goes on holiday in the middle of a pandemic while others are not allowed to. Footballers who call on people to stay at home while they themselves go out partying. Fans love celebrities but celebrities do not love their fans, that is now clear.

Fortunately, there are also good people who have real love for each other and offer help to others in these difficult times.