Freedom at last, part two

There are more and more protest movements that want more freedom. In Austria, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. And in our country, it looks like there might be some relaxation after all. People yearn for freedom. After being locked up for a year, many people start to feel mentally stuck. The experts have already said that we can probably expect some easing in the summer. Restaurants and cafes will probably be allowed to open slightly then. But this crisis has taught us a lot. Many politicians have also shown their true colours.

In Antwerp, for example, a curfew was declared while they knew that this was not in the law. They didn’t care about it and actually committed a crime against the population because it was illegal. In Germany, many people revolted against the curfew as well. The governor of Antwerp also wanted to have pizzas counted on New Year’s Eve in order to detect ‘lockdown parties’.

Battle about freedom

After the harsh criticism she had to endure, she claimed that she didn’t really mean it. And then there’s Marc van Ranst, who believes that people who don’t get vaccinated should be denied access to travel or denied to get a job. Or   even be refused permission to go to school. So there are powerful people in Belgium who want to restrict people’s freedom. Without Corona, we wouldn’t even have noticed this. When the crisis is over, there will probably be a new legal battle about freedom. Can the police use drones to check on citizens? This was also suggested to do. And it’s happening in China!

It will never be the same as before, that’s for sure. But we must not forget that those who sleep during democracy can wake up in a dictatorship. We’re finally going to appreciate our freedom more.

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