Powerful temptations

Everyone has a strong temptation somewhere

There are many exciting things in life. Willpower and discipline are examples of this. We each handle our willpower differently. But everyone has atleast one strong temptation somewhere. Something you can’t resist. In England, many football supporters are seen as a cash cow by their club owners. Take Arsenal, for example. The fans have been protesting for years against the Kroenke family who take money from the club, but hardly invest in it. The fans protest and sometimes walk away en leave the stadium in the middle of the match.

But they also know that this doesn’t help, because they keep making money for the club. The Kroenke family would only listen if the fans stopped watching Arsenal and  stopped buying their merchandise. But this is not possible. Those people are so passionate about their club, that there is an irresistible temptation to keep up with Arsenal. The gunners live for their football club.

The principles of football

And their club is made for them. Actually, that irresistible temptation shows how much they love Arsenal. If they were to ignore their club for one week, their owner would wake up to the fact that the income would be drastically reduced. The sponsors would get nervous and demand action from Kroenke. But the supporters cannot drop football for one week. The temptation to go to the stadium of watch the game on television is to strong for them.

We have recently witnessed the controversy surrounding the super league. Everyone was angry at the plans of the  rich American owners in football, because they ignored the basic principles of football. Namely that anyone can win/lose, promote and relegate. Clubs like Arsenal and Tottenham had a chance to participate in the super league while they are outside the top 5 of England. The supporters reacted furiously. The following match, there were large demonstrations and pitch invasions which forced the chairmens to apologise for their participation in the super league. But the next match all the supporters went back to following their team and everything went back to normal. That temptation is so powerful!

As a matter of fact, every passion is a strong temptation. If you have something that you are passionate about, it would be almost impossible not to do it for a while. 


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