Divine orbit of spring and summer

A new season is about to begin. We are approaching the summer of 2021. Those short, grey, cold autumn and winter days will then be far away from us for several months. In the summer season, you will be woken up early in the morning by singing birds and the warm rays of the happy sun. Homes and offices will be filled with natural light and warmth during this season. We are always in a better mood in the summer.

In fact, our lives are also made up of seasons. There are seasons when life is wonderful and everything is sunny and bright. Childhood is a good example that everyone usually looks back on more cheerfully. The time when you had no worries, no burdens and no health problems. Every season has its pros and cons. In summer, you can walk outside in a t-shirt but at the same time, the heat can make you feel bad. Not to mention the annoying mosquitoes, bees and flies that drive us crazy.

During the heat waves, we quickly think back to the cold, cosy winters with snow. And, of course, the cosy holidays, the family moments and the delicious food. Every season has its benefits. And even when it’s less fun or too hot. We know that there is a new season to look forward to. In other words, whatever happens, everything will be fine again. There is nothing new under the sun.

But summer is one of the most beautiful seasons that returns every year. It is striking how people are more cheerful during this period. The past year we have not been able to enjoy it as much but hopefully the lockdowns are over now and we can enjoy the summer as it should be.

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