Divine Rocks and Trees, they are older, we should listen to…

climate change

At this very moment, worldwide the biggest concern is ‘Climate change’. Everybody is aware that we are going in the wrong direction, we need to protect the future of our beautifull nature. Politicians are talking about it, but there is no uniformal solution found yet. Every human can contribute, bit by bit, by daily making his personnal effort, no matter how small it is. Have respect for the older trees and rocks, have a look and you can learn how they survived all these hundreds of years. Is the solution in it? I think so.

what can we do?

So we can all do something to limit climate change. For example, you can use renewable energy. Throughout the world, the use of energy represents by far the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activity. Secondly, be sparing with food. The production of food accounts for a significant proportion of greenhouse gas emissions. And this while some of our food often ends up in the dustbin.

Not only can you save a lot by generating energy, there is also a lot to be gained in your energy consumption. Choose to purchase economical electrical appliances or opt entirely for LED lighting in your home. If everyone pays attention to these little things we will have a positive impact on nature in the future. If we all leave the car a bit more often, we reduce our CO2 emissions a lot. Especially if we go into that traffic jam together every morning.

On a bike you save 1 kg of CO2 emissions per 5 kilometres. Good for the climate, but also for your own health. You also save on your emissions by train: no less than 75 percent less emissions on a journey compared to the car.  Did you know that if we own less stuff and use more stuff collectively, we have to produce less stuff. and that saves on raw materials. Sharing cars and exchanging clothes. There are different possibilities for collective consumption, which are already used by millions of people worldwide. What could you do in your invironment? Let us know in the comments below.

Made by Vincent Messelier, a self taught, passionate belgian artist. If you want more information,please don’t hesitate to contact us.