Back to normal

We still have some way to go before we can return to the old normal. But is it still possible to go back to the old normal? Even the virologists say it will not be quite like before. But perhaps we can also look on the bright side? Hopefully, people who like to telecommute can now continue to telecommute. In the past, employers in some companies were difficult about this. Now it seems to have its advantages. Fewer traffic jams and motivated staff who save time in the morning. But at the same time, it remains to be seen whether we will be able to live without the virus. Its not normal for us to walk around with a mouth mask everyday. Of course, in China they wear mouth masks, but that is for air pollution. 

But does going back to a normal life mean? Well, it’s a free life. Shops that open without a limit on visitors. Restaurants and cafes where anyone can enter. The question is whether we can go back to this kind of normal. Even if everyone has a vaccine, its not certain that we will be able to stand in a market square with 1000 people again. Again, this also has its advantages. Maybe the nmbs can use more trains so that train passengers don’t have to sit close to each other anymore. That’s a good change.

My conclusion is that we will never live like before. Even though I think that within three years we will not even think back to this period. I think new agreements will be made. Some remote business people will probably hold meetings online more often. I think politics will reform. People will also become more empathetic and appreciate life more. Maybe this will finally become the new normal!


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