At least light in the tunnel

Circle of life

Our circle of life exists of good and bad times. In fact, our lives are constantly repeating themselves. History, too, repeats itself constantly. But no matter how difficult it may seem at a certain low point, in the end everything comes right again. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. There was a time in history when Germany was split into East and West Germany so that the East Berliners would not flee to the capitalist West. It was not good for the people.

I am sure that people back then never expected to be free one day. But in the end the Wall did fall. There have been so many dictators in the world that the future seemed hopeless for the inhabitants. But in the end, everything comes back to normal. At the moment, the communist state of China and the North Korean dictatorship of Kim Yung Un are the best examples. It looks like the political systems in these countries are going to collapse in the near future due to financial problems. That’s the end of a cycle. Eventually, the people there will become free again and everything will be fine.

light in the tunnel

But the most important thing in a difficult situation is to see the positive signs. Always try to recognise the light in the tunnel. Then you know that everything will be all right. It would be a shame to give up at a difficult moment. Because some situations become ugly before they become beautiful again. The football world will finally be restored. They have been throwing too much money around for years. Now we see clubs like Barcelona with debts of over a billion. That’s not good. But maybe they will finally realise that they need to use their money better. It looks bad for them, they can’t even buy new players now. But as soon as the tourism sector opens up again, they will start earning well again. Hopefully, by then they will have learned their lesson and will no longer buy players on credit. Every disadvantage has it’s advantage.

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