Divine Tasmanian landscape

Where can you find the cleanest air in the world? In Tasmania, an island in the south of Australia. An incredible island with the purest water and little natural pollution. The island separated from Australia during the ice age and is now a protected nature reserve and a place where people go to escape the dirty air in their countries. Because let’s face it, we still live in a polluted world. People just throw their rubbish into nature without considering the consequences. It’s important to know that we can’t live without nature. It was there before us. We must respect it. 

Tasmania reminds us of how beautiful nature is with its unique animals like the tasmanian devil. We don’t come across them in Belgium. It’s very important that we protect such natural areas. We’re destroying too much nature. How unfortunate is it that we have to go all the way to Tasmania to breathe the cleanest air? What if this island also becomes polluted? Future generations will suffer from the polluted planet anyway. It’s up to us to preserve the last vestiges of clean nature. We can’t put our large apartment buildings and industrial avenues everywhere. And that’s precisely why Tasmania is such a beautiful place. A spacious nature reserve where you can find the earth’s greenery in its purest form. You come back to life and experience a world that has not been tinkered with too much yet. The original form of nature is its most beautiful side.

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