Universe, the world is small, be aware that we are lucky

We are lucky to be living in these times. We are a generation that can travel easily. The world holds fewer secrets for us than it used to. And this is only going to get better. Several countries are planning to invest in hyperloops. This could mean that you could go from Amsterdam to Paris in 90 minutes. Lucky you. In the old days, people had to go from city to city on foot. But we are lucky. Because the world is getting smaller. There might also be an intercontinental hyperloop that would allow us to go from the EU to the US easily.

When this is done globally, a new era will begin. Forest classes may no longer exist then. Children will be able to go on safaris as three-day-trips. Just imagine. The time when people lived around the church tower will officially be over. There is so much to do in this world and travelling makes people happy. It keeps people young and creative. After the corona era, the tourism industry is going to explode. Everyone will want to go abroad. The crisis shows how important travel is. Even during a pandemic, several people could not resist travelling. We are so used to travelling and fortunately, this will only become easier in the future.

It will be even easier for businessmen to expand abroad. And sports competitions will also be organised internationally. There is already talk of a global super football league with the best teams from all over the world. Of course, this also has its drawbacks. The future will show how humanity will deal with the hyperloops.

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