Overwhelming metropolis

Moscow is the beating heart of Russia. It is the place where traditions, culture and modern Russia come together in an overwhelming metropolis. This city is certainly not inferior to London and Paris. Many Belgians like to go on holiday to Madrid, Lisbon Rome or Istanbul and forget about Moscow. But it is actually a great city. And in summer it can get up to 40 degrees, it’s not cold in the summer like many people think. This city is beautiful for admirers of beautiful architecture. The metro station, for example, is stunning. And it only costs 70 cents for a ticket.

People need peace

During your visit to the Russian capital, there is one place you simply cannot skip: Red Square. Moscow’s central square measures 330 by 75 metres and is the perfect base from which to visit many sights. For example, the square is flanked by the beautiful Basilius Cathedral, the Kremlin, the National Historical Museum and the GUM Warehouse. On a cold day you can visit a museum, pop into a cafe and enjoy your stay. The metro stations in Moscow can be counted among the most beautiful in the world and are not inferior to many  other cities in Europe in terms of design. The stations were built in the 1930 and are decorated full of splendor. Don’t be surprised by the gleaming marble floors, elaborate mosaics, colonnades and chandeliers. In Moscow they know what architectural perfection is.

By the way we can take this city as an example for the cities in Belgium. The outlying areas have beautiful pieces of nature. And in many of the villages there, people tap the water directly from the rivers. They claim that the water is also healthier. But even in the centre of Moscow you find greenery everywhere. And this is also a reason why there are so many tourists walking around. People need peace and nature radiates tranquillity. Belgian cities can take Moscow as an example of how we can mix industry with beautiful parks.

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