Two pony’s in the prairie

Alone is alone

Life is better together. Alone is alone. It is better to be with someone than to be alone. Together you’re stronger. You can defend each other and. Nobody wants to be alone. Life is unbearable in loneliness. When 2 dogs see each other, they immediately start playing with each other. Even dogs and cats growing up with each other become best friends. Animals love having company with someone they trust. Being all alone is terrible. But together you always have hope. You can motivate your friend when the other person is sad. And when one person is happy or successful, you can celebrate together.


Children also like to play together. Parents worry if their children play all by themselves when other kids are present. Because in a group you get more creativity and safety. And it’s easy to have fun as a child. The best thing about the period between Christmas and New Year is to be together. Together with people you like and maybe even haven’t seen for a while. It’s the period in which we realise that we are not alone. In short, together is much more fun than alone.

When you look back to the past, you often think back to adventures with certain people you miss. Even music can make you think of someone else. And that’s fun. Appreciating each other feels good. But when you’re alone, you have no one to compliment or look back on together. There is no history to share. That’s why, for many people, school has been especially important from a social point of view. Without realising it, you created the most beautiful moments of your life with other people. Unfortunately, we only realise this when we no longer see someone or lose someone. Only then, we remember how good it was with other people present.

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