Lost city

Machu Pinchu

The legends of sunken or lost cities would they really have existed? Archaeologists have already succeeded in finding some cities , such as Machu Pinchu. This city was built in 1430 and this was a bit like ancient Colombia and is referred to as the city of the Incas. A very bizarre story. For the Incas were a very wise and learned people. There were about 10 million of them in this city and they were already very advanced in their technology. In fact they had large stone cities, beatiful temples, an advanced government and a detailed tax system. And this while they did not use wheels to build their cities. They didn’t have an iron to make tools and they didn’t use writing to take care of the administration. How was that possible?

Advanced cities

To this day archaeologists all over the world are intrigued by this story and other lost cities. The stones they used in Machu Pinchu are also perfectly carved. Presumably aristocratic inca’s had made this city to flee from the Spanish invaders. And when the last rebels were arrested, the city would have become a lost city. But the strangest thing is that we still do not know why they were so animated in their technology anyway. What about other lost cities, such as Ani in Turkey or Antioch, an important city in the ancient Greek Empire or Babylon.

And there are still many of them. Often these were places with strong political systems and incredibly beautiful stone cities. Could it be that there has ever been a city like Atlantis? Could it be that we have yet to discover it? The future will tell .It is a fascinating story in every espect. But imagine a city like New York being lost within 400 years. A metropolis, the big apple, a city that never sleeps that is completely deserted. That is almost impossible to imagine. And yet it is a fair comparison with the lost cities. Babylon was in its time the best known, largest city and it was even an inspiration to the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks.

And yet it is completely lost. You also often see that the same religious practices were adopted in these lost cities. The inhabitants often worshipped several gods and were not afraid to regard strange rituals as normal. How is it that the most powerful cities have been lost?

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