Do not underestimate the power of nature’, we are all one

Only in crisis we go back

Nature is mightier than we think. In our time it’s easy to forget what it really is. We buy our food in the shop and don’t ask ourselves questions about where it comes from. Only in times of crisis do we go back to nature. Because nature has to let us survive. A car is beautiful, but if there is no food, it is worth nothing. That is why it is also important that we protect nature. There must be a balance between the animals eating each other and we need enough trees to keep the air clean. Maybe we aren’t as clever as we sometimes think we are. Why do we prefer to spend hundreds of euros on all kinds of pills while we can pick a flower for free and make a healing infusion from it? We really should not underestimate the power of nature.

We have to be careful with urbanisation. And go back to eating organic food. Go for a walk in the woods. Too few people are doing it. Yet these things can make us stronger. We can get a great boost from nature. Instead of absorbing the negative news every day and become depressed, the whistling birds can calm us down. Because if we don’t appreciate what we have now, future generations will have problems.

We are one

Because we humans need nature, but it also needs us. Imagine if there were no people to cultivate the greenery, the world would become overgrown and the vultures would build a feast. We need each other. The country needs a processor and the processor needs his land.  And we are actually one.  All of usare part of the same process. That is why no one can say that nature is not interesting, we can’t live without it.

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