Divine colors of paradise

Sign of togetherness and creativity

Colors are enormously important to humans. It is actually a kind of language that we all speak. Artists use this language to convey the feelings of their art to the viewers. Red is the color of love. We all know that. That’s why red roses are so loved for Valentine’s Day. The colors actually speaks. Paradise should also be colorful. Because many colors are a sign of togetherness and creativity. Surely no one wants to live in a grey world? We are lucky to be able to see it. Because they reflect our feelings. On the Bahamas you hardly see anyone completely dressed in black. They just mix all the bright, cheerful colors that accentuate the beautiful climate and the singing birds into their clothing. In a country where you can see the golden rays of the sun and enjoy the sky-blue waves of the sea, it is almost impossible not to be cheerful.

They reflect who we are

A work of art can enhance the artist’s expression by means of colors. For some people, however, it is even necessary to use colors to explain their feelings, which they do not dare to say in words. Psychologists therefore like to work with artists. Because they know that a colorful paintings can connect us with those who have no words. The language of colors is the richest language in the world and it allows our message to reach the soul. It is therefore important that we recognise the importance of this.

But what are the best ones? Well, those are the ones that suit us the best. Because they reflect who we are and what we stand for. The richest kings of the past sometimes had their palaces colored with gold. When the sun’s rays came on, the people saw a wonderful golden glow in the palace. And that golden ray brought recognition of authority. Colors are vitally important to us!


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