Beginning of paradise

A world in harmony

Living in paradise. Who does not want this? I think we are all looking for a world in harmony. A world without pain, sorrow, jealousy, envy and war. A place where everyone agrees and where there are no strange viruses roaming around. The years and centuries go by with the same events. More and more people want to leave the world simply because they are not happy anymore. But how do we create the beginning of paradise? Well, to begin with, we should be able to enjoy more of what we like to do.

We live too hunted. Everything has to go fast, a lot of work has to be done, so many people hardly have time to do anything for themselves during the week. In the morning it is already walking and jumping to end up in a traffic jam. In the evening, families no longer eat together. Children have to go to the sports club and the parents eat a quick bite in front of the TV. To prevent this, we need more time. Time to do something together.


In paradise, there is no time to be sick. A big difference with the hell we live in now. Here we don’t have time to be happy. Why do so many westerners go to Bali? Is Bali a paradise? The climate is beautiful. The people there always seem to laugh and be friendly. Life is cheaper there and they have a culture to show more gratitude. And yes, that attracts so many people here. In Bali you can live like a pascha with a Belgian income. And then you have to work even less. How amazing is that? No stress anymore.

But I don’t think it’s the villas that attract so many people. It’s just the fact that you can live there freely. Less work, more walking, good food, going on an adventure to get to know people. You can do whatever you want. And not for 2 weeks. No. For a full year. When you realise that you are living well, you become grateful. And gratitude is the beginning of paradise.

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