Power of gratitude


Thanksgiving is the feast of gratitude. A day to remember all the moments of last year to be thankful for. Often we only realise what we appreciate when it is no longer there. When someone dies we become emotional and suddenly remember the good moments with that person. But why don’t we say thank you while the person is alive? Maradonna was a great player in his time. Technique, speed he had it all. However, it is only when he dies that they remember in Napoli to name the stadium after him.

Personal philosophy

Gratitude should be a personal philosophy. Instead of taking everything for granted, we should just be enormously grateful for what we can do. Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs and yet he is grateful for the things he can do. He travels the world to motivate people who do have arms and legs. There are people with a body that works perfectly. But they don’t like what they look like. They become depressed because they compare themselves to others. While they don’t realise that not everyone can walk around. Not everyone can see and taste. What would someone like Nick Vujicic give to be able to use arms and legs?

Count you blessing

I think that he would be very much in favour of it. With more gratitude we would live happier lives. Take this crisis. It is terrible to be locked up at home and make less money. But realise that you have a house with hot water, a bed, TV, internet, people to talk to. There are people in Spain who live in a hut. Normally they live outside every day and only go inside to sleep. Now they are obliged to live in a confined space. If those people could trade to go into quarantine in a typical flemish house, they would be very grateful. Think for a moment about what and who you are grateful for in 2020.


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