Earth is shaking

It is 2020 and the Earth is shaking. It is under pressure from the people. We live in a creation that we did not create ourselves. But we want solutions to the mistakes we do make on this Earth. Because even if we didn’t make the Earth, we will keep it. We cultivate countries, breed animals, build cities. But we are getting closer and closer to the end of the world. Everyone can feel it. Whether or not you believe that the Earth is warming up. Whether you are a proponent or an opponent of Artificial Intelligence.

Within 100 years, the Earth cannot look like it does now. Many people are afraid of a total destruction of our planet. Logical anyway. Why do America, Russia, Iran, China and so many other countries have nuclear weapons? Is there anyone who buys weapons not to use them? At a time when the media can turn population groups against each other, we need to be careful. Insults are made too quickly and future generations will grow up in a world with less respect. 

Advanced civilisations

What will that world look like in the future? And what are we going to make that world look like? At some point we will have to live healthier lives and combat pollution. Because there will simply be no other choice. If we look at real history, we see that in Egypt, China, Cambodia, Iraq, Mali, there was a advanced ancient civilisation with high-tech materials. There are buildings of which we still do not understand how they were made. It does not correspond to what the schools learn about the people who used to live here. Those civilisations had evolved more than most of us.

Nothing new under the sun

The problem is that so much destruction happened that we do not know everything about that time, even though archaeologists are finding more and more evidence about amazing technologies. In Antarctica, scientists are now developing weapons that can be used to kill people with rays without causing buildings to collapse. The question for us is, how will people remember us in 200 years’ time? Will there be enough evidence left? Or will we destroy everything? There is nothing new under the sun. It is as if history is repeating itself over and over again.

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