Nelson Mandela

Time for justice

When will there be justice? Good question. The real question should be, who provides justice? Here in Belgium, we often feel that we are being treated unfairly. Anyone who drives too fast when there are no other cars on the road will be fined. Anyone who does not pay for a parking space will also be fined. But criminals are firmly defended by lawyers and psychologists while they do terrible things. Is that fair? Politicians who are drunk at work can continue to work while others would be fired. Is that fair? A lot of people have to make savings because of the corona crisis while politicians continue to receive their full generous pay. Is that fair? Probably not. But who can do anything about it? That is the problem and it is the big difference with someone like Nelson Mandela. Yes, he was a wealthy successful lawyer. And like his colleagues, he could leave the ghetto and not care about anything in South Africa. He could have buyed himself a big house and close his eyes. But he had something that many people miss: character.

Ugly before it comes beautiful

He decided to risk his freedom and money to stand up for himself and others. As a result, he went to prison for 20 years. During those 20 years they tried to bribe him. They promised him money and freedom if he would keep his mouth shut from now on. But he had too much character. Of course, he had to pay an expensive price, but afterwards he became a loved president. Sometimes it’s ugly before it becomes beautiful. Unfortunately, we do not have many people with character in our time. People are afraid to risk something. Afraid to go against ideas that the media are trying to imprint on us. But if you have an opinion, you have to have the balls to defend it.

We often see strange phenomena in Belgian politics. We see governments falling and new governments emerging with the same people in them. But it is as if no one within their own parties dares say anything. They are afraid of being cancelled. They are afraid of losing their money and their freedom. But the truth is that such people are of no use to us. Nothing will ever change in Belgium with them. People of character dare to attack their own party members if they have to. They do everything to do the right thing. At least that is how it should be. Do you have character?

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