50 shades of passion

Happy living

Happy living is living with a passion. Our mental needs are as great as our physical needs. You can have all the money in the world. A big house, a beautiful car, a huge swimming pool. If you live in it every day, it just becomes ordinary. Everyone should have something that makes them happy. Happy and not necessarily rich. Standing up and knowing what you can do and looking forward to, that’s having a good life. How come top actors are so unhappy? Why do old football players get into financial difficulties? This usually happens after their careers. Or rather after they have lost their passion.


Take Ronaldinho who is in debt. For years he was a top football player. he could stand up and do what he was born to do. The whole world admired him. He probably never thought about his life after football. He had grown up as a football player and unfortunately didn’t realise that it was only for a short time. When he had to retire he couldn’t fulfill his passion anymore. And then things went downhill for him. Unwise investments, a bad entourage and not knowing what to do with his time ruined him. But what he needed was just a new passion.

You can have 50 passions

Perhaps he thought only football was important, but that is nonsense. You can have 50 passions. Someone with his talent could train young people. They look up to him anyway. Everyone must have their reason for existence. Take people who are retiring. If you don’t have a plan for what you want to do after you retire, you have a big problem. Because most people are not at home when you are at home. Before you know it, you feel lonely. And those feelings can cause stress and high blood pressure. Of course they can. When you’ve worked for 40 years, it’s suddenly hard not to work anymore. Especially mentally. That’s why pensioners who travel around the world are still healthy and live longer. Travelling, good food, discovering culture is their passion.

Even though they have been a worker or an accountant or whatever for 40 years. A new passion is necessary for humans to be happy. The government should certainly not forget this when it comes to corona measures. Some people are really struggling during this period. They have no purpose in their lifes. Others are just discovering a new passion. Life may be unpredictable for many people. But it is up to mankind to discover and develop their passion to fullfill their destiny in life.

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