Ultimate soulmates

Do you believe in soulmates?

What are soulmates and have you ever heard of them?  It’s 2 people who are perfectly connected to each other. A bit what Walt Disney tried to show through his movies. A prince who discovers the perfect princess and they live a wonderful life. It’s not for everyone. During the lockdown many people will re-evaluate their love life. If you have big arguments with your partner after 1 week of lockdown, then you might not be as close as soulmates. The ultimate soulmates can sit on a small island for 5 years without getting tired of each other.  Because they belong together and they know it. They don’t try to be friendly in the hope that they will have a relationship. They are friendly by nature. They can’t get really angry at each other.

You can’t force love

Soulmates always forgive each other, while they would send other people away for the same mistakes. They would not accept the same mistakes from others. And that’s so beautiful and unique. Something we encounter less and less today. But you can’t find your soulmate on a website. It just has to happen. You can’t force love. But you should try to do your best. However soulmates feel each other just as the sun and the moon understand each other. And there is no expiry date on such a relationship.

Some people fake their love and in difficult periods  like we have now it’s also visible. You can’t compare a real relationship to  the ones you see on tv shows, where all couples are soul mates. The most important thing is to be honest with yourself. Through social media we tend to make our lives more beautiful than they really are. And sometimes our relationships aren’t that great at all. It is okay to accept that. There are only a small number of people who are really soulmates. And only they understand the reason.

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