Divine Poland

Why is it worth investing in Poland? 

Poland is in full expansion and is therefore ideal for your investment to grow with it: economic growth there is currently 2 to 3 times higher than that of Western Europe. So very interesting! More and more investors, banks and companies are finding their way to Poland. About 40 million people live there and most of them are very well educated and speak fluent English. The current real estate prices in Poland are comparable to real estate prices in Belgium from the 90s. That is astonishing. It is therefore the ideal time to invest in Polish real estate.

Polish vineyards

Poland is also known for its vineyards. Autumn is the time for harvesting, and you can be sure of that in Poland too. Every year the map of Polish vineyards grows, and new places are added all the time. Nowadays you can find them almost everywhere, from Lubuskie to Podlasie, Lublin and Subcarpathians. Polish wines are rapidly gaining a strong position in tasting. It really is a country with enormous potential. The beautiful landscapes could attract more tourists. Nowadays it is still fairly quiet in the Polish tourist sector.

As Belgians, we are sometimes tempted to visit the whole world. We go from America to Peru, Namibia and Bali but we forget our own continent. Europe still has beautiful places that few of us visit. Think also of the Balkans where you can enjoy quiet beautiful beaches. We underestimate our European countries. There are so many beautiful places. But Poland is jumping out at the moment. The people who are investing there today will surely be happy in 20 years’ time. Many will only become interested when it is too late. 2020 is a special year and Poland is a special country.

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