Passion touches people

back to our passion

The holidays are coming up and normally we are looking forward to it. But we have already heard from our Prime Minister De Croo that we will have to celebrate it within our family. It is a pity but we have to. We have been fighting a virus for about 1 year now. The coming period would have been good for the restaurants and cafes to recover. But unfortunately. We are still not free to do what we want. And maybe it will take until the summer before we can enjoy life again.

We hear sad stories from people who don’t want to live this way anymore. Students who feel alone. It’s a matter of persevering to go back to our passions. Because what else is life worth? We’re not animals, are we? And even animals shouldn’t be locked up in cages. But right now we ourselves are locked up in our own houses. Animals want to walk around, sniff, jump, hunt. They want to follow their instincts. When we lock them up they lose their joy. It’s the same with us.

Life isn’t worth much without passions

We need to be able to eat outside, talk to friends, walk around undisturbed. Otherwise we suffer mental damage. Of course, at the moment it is very dangerous to get together. We can only look forward to the summer. Passion touches people. People get up with a smile when they can look forward to the day. When they can have adventures. If we have to stay home all day, we live without our passion and that makes us so unhappy. Fortunately, there is also something positive about this situation. The positive story is that we are going to appreciate our lives more. Some people are even going to be friendly to the people they actually hate. Just because they were locked up for months. Life isn’t worth much without passion and purpose.



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