Just let it be or, or not

Postpone, postpone, postpone. In Belgium, procrastination behaviour is the most popular among politicians. The media have been showing us virologists for a month now who say that hospitals will fill up if we don’t tighten up the measures. But politicians kept postponing it. On 25 October 2020, Jan Jambon thought it was far too early to intervene. 3 days later he totally changed his mind.

Politicians kept postponing

Jambon preferred to postpone the strict measures that are intended to bring safety. He preferred to wait until there were more covid infections in order to adjust his tactics. on the 25 of October, he said there was no point in extinguishing a house where there was no fire. But he forgot the situation was already getting out of hand at the moment. Of course, we thought our politicians would think ahead. We thought they would take measures on time to avoid worse situations. Unfortunately, restaurants and pubs closed completely while schools remained open. Is it so difficult to let the high school graduates work independently from home? They are old enough. It would already relieve an enormous pressure on public transport.


Every day we heard the same stories on the news. The virologists put the responsibilities on the politicians and the politicians put everything on the virologists. However, they are in the same council. What a joke. How can a small country like Belgium be so badly organised? We have 9 ministers of public health. And some of these ministers are not even healthy. It’s ridiculous. didn,t’ we already knew in July that autumn and winter would be tough again? We could have half-opened the schools from September. We should have closed the restaurants and pubs around 10 pm. And even then we could gather with a maximum of 40 people anywhere. But of course, everything was postponed.

What a disgrace

It doesn’t look good for Belgium. The small businesses will disappear forever, the taxpayers will lose a part of their incomes. But of the politicians don’t have to sacrifice anything. The football players who, barely pay social security contributions also keep playing, because they are important for the ‘economy’. During this crisis, football is no longer  seen as entertainment. The cultural sector is allowed to go bankrupt, but king football can continue to play. What a disgrace!

In the meantime, VTM news probably doubles its turnover with their  horrific news flashes every day. They refuse to say anything negative about the WHO, who continue to support the communists in China. Why don’t they show the footage of the Chinese government abusing the doctors who warned for this virus in Wuhan? Those doctors tried to warn us all but were locked up in their own homes by the communist government.

Look at us now; The big companies who made millions in incomes for years receive state support’ because they have so many employees’. But the owners are multi-millionaires. Gert Verhulst has an enormous fortune. But the Belgian taxpayer will have to support his staff if his amusement park is closed down. Meanwhile, our small cosy restaurants, cafes, and small stores are disappearing. I see a lot of people who are tired of this. They’re like, just let it be.



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