Eternal love

Throw-away culture

Love is a difficult concept.  And eternal love has become very rare in our lives. Everything goes very fast.  In mean, in less than 10 seconds Google has to show our search or we get irritated. And in just three days you must get your order from webshops like zalando. Unfortunately, ‘Old’ stuff is quickly thrown away. Clothes that have only been worn for 5 months are no longer usable when new clothes are bought. Where is the love and passion for things? It’s completely gone! Every 3 months we buy new clothes, not because we need it but because we run out of love for our old clothes. We have lost our joy too quickly. 

Perhaps, we have too many options, so we get used to new things too quickly. There are people who use other people like materials. After 2 weeks they have had enough and are looking for someone else. Why?  Because their love was not eternal. It was only for a certain moment.  So, when that moment is over,  their love is also over. In our disposable culture, eternal love is hard to find. The number of football players who stay with 1 team during their career can be counted on one hand. These kind of players are threatened with extinction. Young players in our time leave their  boyhoodclub  without hesitation to earn more money in a foreign club with no future. There is love for things and people, but it’s not eternal. Love ceases with many people at some point.  And that’s so dangerous. In this way, you’ll never be happy.


Eternal love is stronger than the urge for money and power. There is more passion in it. When you love something or someone, it shouldn’t be replaceable so quickly. We should think more in long-term. People would be so much happier. We must learn to be satisfied with what we have. After the covid period, people will finally realise again how good life is. How wonderful it is to go out and have fun with friends and family. The good old memories of warm, fun summers are priceless. 



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