The internal massive power of the human being

Learning during the corona crisis

During bad times you can really learn a lot. Which one of us asked questions about immunity and health care before the pandemic? Without the corona crisis most of us wouldn’t even have known what the acronym WHO stands for, And certainly not the controversial microbiologist Tedros Adhanom who leads the World Health Organization.

Who is Tedros,the director of the WHO?

Tedros was born in 1965 after Eritrea, which was still incorporated in Ethiopia, had risen to the position of Minister of Health and then Foreign Affairs. It might be interesting to mention that he was a member of the Marxist government TPLF who committed a genocide on 2.5 million Amharen. In this party, in which some kind of SS commandos were active, he was directly in charge. At the NWO they of course immediately found him suitable to become the director.

Now he is the man who gives us advice on vaccines during the corona crisis. But is there actually a vaccine against corruption?  Because I think we need that more than a corona vaccine.

Around 2016, an investigation was launched by the UN into the fraud within the WHO. The Australian who had to carry out this investigation was found dead shortly afterwards. After that, the UN could never investigate again. How do they come up with it? But the fact is that we are all no longer shocked when we hear this. After all, I believe that we have become immune to corruption stories.

Deep inside we all know the truth.

Deep inside we all know the truth. Government leaders force us to take pills and vaccines during the corona crisis but we never see them take anything themselves. Do they automatically become immune during pandemics or what? It’s strange. Besides, the manufacturers  of vaccins can never be held responsible after side effects of their medicines. Reason enough to  atleast question politicians who make the deals.

The only thing that we have seen in this pandemic from politicians is chaos, selfishness, a lack of integrity and even more failures, So it’s time to use our common sense again. Here in Belgium, the 9 ministers of public unhealthiness are not worth their money. First they advise against mouth masks and  even destroy them. To  eventually require it later on and buy the wrong ones with our tax money. 

The internal massive power of the human being

In the end, we still have the power to help each other. Now that millions of small businesses around the world are being declared bankrupt, we’re going to have to help each other. We need to invest in the local entrepreneurs who are in danger of going under because of the bad political policies. It’s a pity because those bankruptcies were perfectly avoidable. It is very unfortunate for the people who are now infected with the virus and dying of it. But let’s remain realistic. Anyone who dies now is counted as a corona death and that gives us the wrong picture of the situation. If you are hit by a zeppelin and die as a result of it, they will register you as a corona dead. 

Stay strong and don’t forget that we will ever get out of this. Hopefully we can at least limit the damage!

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