The way to live

The way of life has been drastically changed by the corona pandemic. According to the experts, we have to live in a different way. We have to keep our distance, use hand gels and wear mouth masks. But what was our life like before the spread of this ugly little virus? Isn’t it funny that we don’t think about life until it almost ends or changes dramatically?


The freedom of life

It sure is. Now we think about the way to live. If something has become clear, it is that we cannot let go of some things. Social contact with people is a way of life we all have. Without it we die instantly. Talking with our neighbours, eating with family, laughing with friends.

The freedom of life is the most beautiful thing on Earth right now. We don’t want to live in seclusion and confinement. We’re just not made to live like this. What is the right way to live? Of course, this is a question that can have a different answer for everyone.

But is there anyone who really wants to be alone? I think the corona pandemic has taught us that we all need the joy and freedom of life. So in that sense we all live in the same way.



The way to liveWhat is really important in life?

I think many people are only now realizing what is really important in life.  Just like when you are sick you recognize your real friends. That way you only recognize what you really find important in a crisis. In a crisis you automatically remove the peripheral issues from your life. In this way you discover back what is really important. And this brings you back to your way of life.

At some point I believe that this situation will be gone again. Just like the Mexican flu. What are we going to do next? Are we going to go back to our earlier lives or will people stay in this situation and live with fear. Maybe we will live a more hygienic life. Some people might go less on restaurant or café because they have learned to cook at home. Others might just go out more because they realize that it can all be over soon.


The best way of life

I think we should not exaggerate too much. We are all alive and people are healing from this virus. Let’s look at the positive points. We can still use our arms and legs. That is why I recommend the following to everyone: Wear your favorite clothes and favorite perfume every day. Eat and drink only what you like. Make big plans and follow your goal in life. Enjoy your time with friends and family more. And do everything with a happy heart. Because this is the best way to live! Without it, life is not worth a dime. What is your way to live?

The way to lve The way to live The way to live

Read these tips to stay safe during the pandemic. If you want more information,please don’t hesitate to contact us.