Brainwashed by covid-19

A new government in Belgium had to restore peace durin the corona pandemic. Clear press conferences and measures that are well formulated are a must is what they said. Unfortunately, Mark van Ranst decided yesterday to break his silence strike and start some more unrest. We are being tapped on the fingers by our angry teacher, like the naughty children we are. Our evil master threatens a new lockdown if the numbers don’t improve. But we now know that the figures are not representative for the situation we have. 

Between 29 September and 5 October, an average of 2,916 new infections were detected every day in Belgium. That is 72 percent more than the previous week claims the VRT. In reality, the same person is tested several times. If they test positive 3 times, they also count as 3 infections. This is of course completely wrong and gives us a wrong picture of the current corona situation. How can you consider a lockdown that will harm so many people with such poorly calculated figures? But this is not all. The VRT and VTM claim that there are an average of 12 deaths every day in Belgium due to corona. 

What a crazy mess

Cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the nervous systems and flu no longer exist in 2020 according to the ‘experts’. You can’t die from these diseases either, Only corona is deadly according to them. What a crazy mess. I’m not trying to claim that corona doesn’t exist because it’s real. But the absurd measures and lies that are being spread are just wrong. Why is there no critical question from the press about these figures? It’s just false!


Of course we have to be careful and exclude coronaparties. Keeping a distance and disinfecting your hands enough is not a difficult task. But forcing students to wear mouth masks all day while they are barely helping is not good. Why can’t we reform education and let fifth and sixth year students become more independent? Remove the small unimportant school subjects and let them develop language and mathematics better because many can’t write  formal mails without language mistakes. Let them study 50 percent from home in a time like this.

This is not scientific

Should we let thousands of people lose their jobs during the corona pandemic? We never had a lockdown during flu episodes that killed more people. Samples and surveys have never been right in Belgium. And yet they use false information at VTM new just to scare us. They interview 50 people in Brussels, 30 of whom have had corona, for example, and claim that the whole of Belgium is dealing with a serious infection. But please, there are 12 million of us. You can’t interview a small group and base yourself on that for a larger group. This is not scientific. There should be more tests throughout Belgium to get a clear picture of how bad the situation is.

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