Divine Four seasons

Climate change

Imagine. You go to a restaurant and they give you two options; chicken that tastes like fish and fish that tastes like chicken. Strange? Well, we see this happening with the seasons and climate change. The winters on our side are getting drier and colder while the summers go from heatwave to heatwave. What is even more striking is that the dates also shift with the seasons. A heat period at the end of August is no longer so crazy. Just like snow that does not fall until the end of January would no longer seem crazy to us. Are we going to a future where July and August become winter months and December, January becomes summer months?

What do we really now?

Difficult questclimate changeion. A lot of theories have been collected in recent years about climate change. And a lot of ideas are pushed by our mainstream media but what do we really know? Not much. Only that natural disasters have happened for ages . And that the climate is also constantly changing. The question is, what are we going to do about it? Doing nothing is obviously not an option. Collecting billions of euros and sending them to greenfunds won’t help, as we have seen. How many millions have we already wasted on the bureaucrats? We would do better to take an example from the Japanese people. During the World Cup, the Japanese supporters cleaned up all their mess during the Belgium-Japan match. Why did they do that? Out of respect for us, ourselves and nature. That’s a good mentality.



We simply have to make a habit of it. We can make a lot of outdoor lights run on solar energy. If the NMBS worked like the Japanese rail service, more people would take public transport. The trains there  (in a larger country) leave one minute too early. In our case, the trains are 15 minutes too late, but the NMBS does not even see it as being too late. It is only after a 60-minute delay that they give compensations. That way, it is not difficult that people prefer to keep using their cars. By the time we take proper measures in Belgium, polar bears will already be walking around here and start dancing with Penguïns.


So are we going to have winters in summermonths or not? And can we still stop this process? Perhaps not. We can do our best but we have to change our lives. There is also the controversial H.A.A.R.P. In this Youtube film, senator Lisa Murkowski asks a number of specific questions about the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in Alaska. David Walker, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, answers Murkowski’s questions about HAARP and admits without blushing that the Air Force used HAARP to artificially manipulate the ionosphere, for which HAARP was also built, to inject energy into the ionosphere and to control the ionosphere. All coincidence, conspiracy? You decide!

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