Divine Magic Fossiles

T-rex Stan sold

Millions of people are losing their jobs or even their businesses as a result of the current crisis. We have to do with less is the  clear message. Yet 27 million dollars were recently deposited at an online auction for the skeleton of T-rex Stan. Why so much money? Fossils and skeletons have enormous historical and perhaps emotional value. Thanks to that skeleton, we can try to form a picture of what it used to be like. Worldwide, fossils from thousands of years ago are still being excavated everyday.


T-rexBy fossils we mean all remains and traces of plants and animals preserved in rocks. With all the problems we now have, I hope we will not leave ugly things behind as skeletons and fossiles. Think about the  burning forests, animals in danger of extinction, cities that are being bombed to the ground in the middle East. There is so much evidence that we can leave behind to come across as the biggest donkeys in history to future generations. just imagine what people will dig up from our time in 1000 years’ time. A human skeleton could turn into a skeleton of a donkey.


Robots buying human fossils

At least if it comes to that. We ourselves are in danger of ending up as the extinct T-rex Stan. America, Russia, Iran, North Korea and others continue to manufacture nuclear weapons. In the meantime, we are also seeing a worsening political climate worldwide. If this continues and a few idiots crawl behind their buttons, mankind will soon be done. Then perhaps, in the future you will have AI robots buying human fossils for 100 million. And they might research the history of human life. Let us think and make sure it does not come to that. Because the fact is that life can be really fun and enjoyable. We just have to make better choices for our future and the future of other generations. If not, they will suffer seriously.

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