The gentleman shark waiting for a better world!


What are we actually doing?

According to a WWF report, every year 100 million sharks are killed for their fins and meat. The sharks that are killed as a sport are not even counted. Stupid enough, we don’t realize enough what kind of imbalance killing such animals brings with it.

How is it possible that we, as humans, sail out to the sea, and then treat the animals that live in the sea so badly? Those sharks come to look at those human beings above the water. And without pardon, they are immediately shot down. Sharks are still waiting for a better world. But they don’t come across gentle men and gentle women. What are we actually doing?

It’s actually too crazy for words. We destroy nature, kill groups of animals and then we are surprised that we have to bear the consequences. It’s about time we start thinking well. Everyone can make his or her contribution. To start with, politics need to intervene. If they know that we fish too much and that these animals are not reproducing fast enough, there must be a clear ban. Our grandchildren will experience the dangers and curse when they think of the generation that could have prevented it but did not want to. 

The short-finned mako shark is the fastest shark species in the world. And we are killing this unique species for fun. When are the good people going to stand up and make it clear that this is no longer possible? Please fish with sense, be a gentleman or gentlewoman when you do and make this planet a better world!


Who is the short mackerel shark?

The short-finned mackerel shark (isurus oxyrinchus) is a spectacuar fish. It lives in the open ocean and can grow up to 4 meters long. She is also the world’s fastest shark. With top speeds of up to 32 km per hour, the shortfin mako shark is a special creature.  Her acclaimed speed is not always about swimming. This fish is also praised for her enormous jumping power out of the water while hunting.

The food of the shortfin mako shark consists of fast swimming prey, such as mackerel, tuna and squid. During the chase of its prey it can, as mentioned before, jump meters high out of the water. Because she is so big and strong, people all over the world hunt this species.

Because of the high speeds she achieves and the dagger-shaped teeth this is not a fish to tackle without gloves. Hunters see this mako shark as a special trophy. Often this fish is knocked down because you can’t catch it with a fishing pole, this has caused controversy at animal rights organizations. In this video you can see how a group of men first kill a shark and then present it as a trophy to the outside world. This video contains hard images, be aware! Unfortunately, this is a contemporary event. And these special animals are dying out.


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