Ying Yang and the secret of the wormhole

Supernatural mysteries

With this work of art we are going to think about the mysteries surrounding extraterrestrial life. The title of this work is ‘Ying yang and the secret of the wormhole’. Searching for the unknown is something that automatically intrigues people. Because there are so many mysterious things that we do not yet know, such as the existence of aliens or higher societies. Recently, the black hole was discovered and a particle accelerator was proposed, bringing us ever closer in contact with ‘aliens’. But how are our contacts with each other on earth? Could it be that we search in the distance for something that we have close by? I do think so.

Have we opened our world to a great danger?

Take, for example, the discovered wormhole. We may be able to travel time in the future, but what are the dangers of this? According to the ying and yang principles, there must be a balance between danger and security. travelling true time can disturb this balance. We do not know what we can find. Imagine that we encounter evil creatures like reptillians. Then we have opened our world to a great danger. Therefore, there must be balance according to the Ying and Yang principles.

Where there advanced societes on planet Earth?

I think we can still find so much on our own planet. Take the pyramids in Egypt as an example. The stones to make the pyramids could each weigh up to 2.5 tons and are perfectly polished. It’s still a mystery how this was made without high technology. Although it is almost inevitable that alien technology was used. Ultimately, all ancient societies have stories about the Annunaki or Nephillim that had advanced societies on Earth. Why don’t we explore these archaeological sites further? It can certainly bring us one step closer to discovering extraterrestrial beings with less danger, and there are still so many mysteries to be solved. For example, what do we know about Tiwanaku in Bolivia? A very civilized society also lived there. 

Do we walk away from our world hoping to find an answer outside the Earth? It seems that way. We live in a time where we easily divide ourselves into groups. Because of this we sometimes neglect the size of our own globe. But however small it may seem, it hasn’t been half discovered yet.  Are there any strange creatures hiding from us? Let us know in the comments below. If you want more information,please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Made by Vincent Messelier, a self taught, passionate belgian artist.