Theme of the work

‘This abstract artwork ‘There is no order without chaos’ by Vincent Messelier reflects two complementary sources of power that determine a part of your person. We call these sources of power order and chaos. With this work of art, Mr. Messelier wants to reflect on the balance between them.  Can we use this theme in our society? We most definitely can. 

Has order arisen out of chaos?

Are climate changes and globalization a form of chaos or order? And are they negative or can they also be viewed as positive? The right answer should provide a balance. Take a sculptor with an idea in mind. He has a suspicion of what he wants to make but does not yet have a concrete idea. There is still chaos in his head. When he starts shaping his image, he mainly uses chaos. All wild ideas are used until he gets a desired basis. From here he can start thinking about how he will proceed. Now the sculptor will mainly create order. Eventually he will make a beautiful detailed image that is made out of a large pile of clay. So order has arisen out of chaos. Both need each other to come to a beautiful whole. 

Keeping the balance

Keeping the balance is sometimes more difficult than one thinks. This can be deduced from political history. In a capitalist world, rich people get all the power they want while the poor starve and die. The gap between rich and poor keeps on widening. An enormous chaos arises because different people share an enormous power and others have no rights. On the other hand a communist world has an abundance of power. Everyone has to follow the exact same rules or they’ll get punished by the ruler. Nobody is allowed having more than anyone else. Differences do not exist in this world. There is a lack of chaos here. These societies had no balance between order and chaos. 

Can we connect order and chaos?

Now, should we create order in our world? Many cultures together cause chaos. Other languages, food, habits can sometimes clash with each other. But these cultures can also bring order to our society by being hospitable, respecting each other despite the differences. Order and chaos are only beautiful when they meet each other. Vincent made his own style ‘Meridianism’ referring to the horizontal and vertical stripes and lines, they are correcting the chaos in the artwork. 

This abstract work of art by artist Vincent Messelier wants to make us think about our relationship with order and chaos. Can we connect them? What do you think? 

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