Divine Innocence


Divine innocence and holiness go hand and hand. It is very important to understand the concept. What does holiness mean? Well, first of all, everyone should strive to be holy. It means that you are the same person all the time and everywhere. It’s a form of stability. Someone who is holy never contradicts himself. He calls on others to stay at home and doesn’t organise parties of their own. Someone should share this message with  some Belgian politicians. Too many people have different faces and double lives. We do not really know who they are. Who are you in a group and is this the same person who is at home alone? Or is there another behaviour?

Deep inside, we are all good people

Some parents forbid their children to do things they have done themselves. That makes children frustrated. Right, that is why people strive for divine innocence. And that is difficult. Especially for young people. Deep inside, we are all good people. But how do you explain that small children enjoy shooting people in a playstation game? And the games are being made more and more realistic. Why are there adults happily watching horror movies? At work and at school, everyone wants peace. But in a different environment, we change completely.

But this is something you apparently need to get into politics. You say something but in the end you do what you forbid others to do. A lot of media blame Trump for spreading fake news, but how reliable are they themselves? Are sources still being investigated? Are there any news sites that don’t use clickbate? I wouldn’t be able to list any. Which honest, reliable news site has a turnover of billions?  I wonder how many scandals would result if well-known journalists were investigated. We live in a world where a lot of people don’t know themselves anymore because they keep changing themselves in different situations. They do what they accuse others of doing. It’s time for some people to change in a good way.

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