Divine Italian architecture

Italy is beautiful

Italy is a beautiful country. The archicture that the Italians have makes us think back to the old Europe. Italy has beautiful cities with a rich history. we can still see the art of the churches and palaces. The corona crisis has shown us the importance of tourism in Italy.  Because in Rome and Milan,  many people live from tourism. People come from all over the world to see the beautiful  cities. The architecture is breathtaking. What a big difference with America. In the US there are large residential towers and mega-sized offices in every city. There you won’t find Romanesque architecture with arches and heavy walls. Hopefully we can quickly  visit the beautiful architecture of Rome or Tuscany again.

And it’s difficult to enjoy architecture in Belgium. It’s not that we have nothing. We also have beautiful places in Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp. But can you compare something to Venice? Not really. In addition, we’re seeing more and more new, modern buildings in country. In many city centers we get apartment buildings so everything seems modern and sleek. That’s nice in itself, but the cities are losing their soul a bit. In Italy you find so many cities with character.

And that’s what it’s all about: character. Finding a charming spot can be a feast for the creative mind. It awakens so many feelings and it makes you dream away to a beautiful world. When you walk in the streets of Florenze, you immediately realize that you are walking in the same places where Bernardo Daddi got his inspiration. Italy is a warm country with an interesting culture from which we can learn a lot in Belgium. It’s important that we keep ourselves to be open-minded, otherwise we get  stuck in a soulless world where everything looks similar.

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