If there existed no people 

Wild animals everywhere

What if there existed no people? Animals are the boss you could say. How would our world fare with creatures that live purely on instinct? Basically, many people already live like animals. They roar but they say nothing meaningful. If no people existed, Earth would have been wild but perhaps the air was cleaner than it is now. The sea would still be clean. So much for the good news. The fact is that animals would hunt each other. Nobody would be able to cultivate the land, so the land would lie fallow and wild animals would appear everywhere. 

Only gloom and doom

But people do exist. We are all lucky to be on Earth and we have to make the best of it. The only thing you see on the news lately is gloom and doom. People killing each other, decapitations, corruption, protests against bad policies, pandemics. When are the creatures that manage to build skyscraper, make music, prepare delicious food going to stop bullying each other?When are they going to try to do the best for the people in politics? Every generation seems to be making the same mistakes. We do not really learn from bad situations in the past it seems. Love for power and money even turns people with good intentions into money-loving people who abandon others.       

Hopefully we get through this

Only 13 families own half the world. Imagine what we could do with those possessions without them. The gap between rich and poor would narrow.There would be more fun on earth and more people could live their dreams. After all, what is the use of living without  having pleasure?  Absolutely nothing. During the covid period more and more people are drowning in their loneliness. We have already lost many elderly people because they were lonely. What was the joy still in their lives? Everything was closed during the lockdow. There was only bad news on the television and no one to talk to. Hopefully we will soon get through this period and be able to go out again. Because during a lockdown, The Earth looks like no people exist.

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