The real toughs of the thinking man

60 000 thoughts a day

According to the scholars, we have 40 to 60 000 thoughts a day. An enormous number. If you assume that we sleep about eight hours, you think about three thousand things per ‘awake’ hour. That is more than 50 thoughts per minute. We are actually constantly filtering our thoughts so that we only remember the most important ones. But the fact is that we have thousands of thoughts that we are not actually doing anything with. We cannot even remember it.

How do we get thoughts?

So when we think about it, we are actually picking up something that we have stored before. We filter out the useless thoughts. The nice thing about our thoughts is that they are private. Nobody can know what you are thinking. Maybe things will change here. The US Army is already experimenting with mind reading technology. They want to use it in airports to track terrorists. But companies would also like to have this technology.

Imagine if Macdonalds knew how many people were hungry. They could target their advertising even more specifically. Just as Facebook sells their users’ data to third parties, governments can make huge sums of money by selling thoughts to big companies. Does this sound crazy? Tesla founder Elon Musk’s company Neuralink just this summer announced that human trials will move forward next year for an implantable device that can read a user’s mind. Elon has also already planned chips in a pig’s brain. Anyway, we’d better enjoy the time we have left to think privately. Because one day, perhaps everyone will know what the real thoughts of a thinking man are.

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