‘The never sleeping city’

New York, one of my favorite Cities I’v ever visited and exhibitioned.

The Big Apple (New York City)

The several vibes that New York is giving me have always thrilled me. During the day the lights are coming through the high buildings, reflecting on the windows. During the night the Ledlights of the nightlife on Timesquare… It all gives the city its own unique character. New york is a cultural city. The people love art, good food, sports and music. There are activities day and night. Just like Rotterdammers and Berliners, New Yorkers feel enormously connected to their city. They only feel at home in one place. New York never sleeps. She’s always awake. Did you know that over 800 languages are spoken in New York? This proves that people all over the world feel good in this special city. So it’s definitely worth a visit.

Places to go

The architecture of the buildings is absolutely fantastic. For example, you have the Brooklynn Bridge. This immense bridge is older than Tower Bridge in London. The bridge also appeared in well-known films such as Godzilla and Spiderman. Besides, you’ve got  Central Park, a huge park with 51 statues and 36 bridges.  With other words, you just can’t get bored in the Big Apple. If you’re planning to go you should definitely visit the Times Sqaure in Manhatten NY with all its artists and lights. And where you can watch a broadway show or do a self guided walking tour. It’s amazing and with 50 million visitors a year, it is an absolute tourist attraction.

There is always life on board of this important entrance port of the US. I recommend everyone to visit this great city. It’s a memory that will surely stay with you!

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Made by Vincent Messelier.