Higgs Bosson 2 B

What is Higgs Boson?

Higgs boson is an elementary particle that is believed to exist, but has never actually been observed. It could now be observed with the help of the Atlas and CMS experiment with CERN’s huge particle accelerator LHC, the most sophisticated machine man has ever built. How does this happen? Well, the LHC accelerates protons to almost the speed of light and then makes them collide. And scientists get all kinds of information from that collision. They try to get as much information as possible about space and the origin of the world. Because many theories actually are not completely proven. There is always a chance for a new twist in the story.

Higgs Boson founder

Higgs-boson, can appear in millions of collisions of protons in the 27 km long cyclotron. The founder of this theory was the British physicist Peter Higgs. According to him, atoms get their mass from an invisible field that stretches across the entire universe. This theory explains why the building blocks of the cosmos don’t just fly around at the speed of light. But his theory was never officially confirmed. Scientists are also searching for a way to travel through time. The famous black hole story confirms this. They hope to get in contact with extraterrestrials who have a higher civilisation and can give explanations of the beginning of Earth. The question is whether it is necessary to look for answers outside the Earth.

Aren’t there enough archaeological finds that give us valuable information? Apparently not. But it is also true that scientists do not always listen to each other or acknowledge each other with dignity, so that important information may not even be noticed. If Peter Higgs’ theory is correct, a lot of textbooks would have to be rewritten. And the future could look completely different from the present.

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