Don’t worry be(ar) happy,

I met Rudy Debock a couple of days ago and we started talking, me as an artist, he, better known as ‘The Grizzly man’.

I was fascinated about his life and story as a lonesome man, living amongst Grizzly bears in Alaska for a couple of months a year. He is not only a spotter, but bit by bit he became a confidant of the bears. Some of them even accept him as a member of their family. The respect he is giving them gets rewarded by allowing him getting so close. The story of Rudy is one that any human being is listening to, because of the combination of respect for nature and the pureness humanity often forgets. His pictures define this pureness and I try in my own humble way to give my personal interpretation, without taking the attention away from these beautiful creatures. On the contrary, it even gives them a new dimension humanity should look into, enjoy and contemplate.