This week was historical in the world of space rockets launching and the car industry.

I love people with certain vision and dreams beyond the edge. Elon Musk is such a person. He’s not a big talker, but just does his thing and overcomes every obstacle to go for his goal. Who could think that a serial car would take a place in space. He launched the fastest rocket ever made and this time not with bad intentions but to prove that everything is possible and use it for positive influences. This brings people together again, with enthusiasm, admiring his spirit. We all should take an example instead of always looking at the negative sides of life. I made this artwork with pleasure, because it seems surrealistic and it is not, it is real. If this artwork would have been made in the early fifties, people would have said ‘this artist is crazy’. He is bringing our world and pieces of our humanity into space. I can not wait for the next move of Elon, and I’m sure he will continue to surprise us, because this first launch is only the beginning of a new age.