Every human being is in life confronted with ups and downs, rainy days, sunsets, storms

sometimes even fires or natural disasters like Tsunami’s, eartquakes, Typhoons…

Anyway, that’s life and the only thing that you can be assured is that The Sun always wins at last. The sun gives us hope, warmth and positive energy to proceed in what is our goal, passion or mission. If you have a heavy period to go thru think positive and know that the sun always will come, over and over again and for free.

Remember that no matter what, how bad it seems, it always become positive and even better than before, but just believe in it while you are struggling.

I made this artwork to prove my gratitude to the sun and his positive energy, so whatever your situation is you living in now, just be grateful for living on this wonderful planet and let us also work on keeping the planet clean, for us, for our children and grandchildren and theirs….

Think about it when you have a bad moment and just visualize the positive energy of our Sun and enjoy our beautiful planet, only the sun in our life is for free

and so powerful.

Vincent Messelier