Even though Adam realized there was little chance Eve would actually show up, he couldn’t bear the thought of not checking it out and living the rest of his life not knowing…

It had been years since he had seen her and he knew very well that he had no claim to her. Even though he had lived the past ten years only to deserve her.

He sat down leaning to one of the palm trees on the beach and looked at the sun setting behind the famous rock of Calpe. All he could hear, besides his own thoughts was the rustling of the wind and the gently sloshing water of the sea only a few yards away.

He smiled melancholically as he brought up memories of the moment they first met.

It had looked as though she was a mermaid, gracious and sweet. Her long blonde hair waltzing with the wind as she strode towards him.

‘Can you tell me what time it is?’ she had asked the moment she was near enough for him to hear. Her voice had sounded like the song of angels, but her accent had given her away. She was clearly not a native, but more likely a tourist, trying her best to blend in.

Adam had smiled, impressed with her effort.

‘It’s exactly 7 PM,’ he had said, after a quick peak at his wristwatch.

She had smiled. It was a smile that would leave an unerasable impression on his memories. It was the smile he had seen for the last ten years every night after closing his eyes for bedtime.

Adam smiled at the memory of their first meeting. Despite the fact that she was clearly a Goddess, she had fallen head over heels for him.

Their relationship was doomed to only last for a week, as she had to leave for home. It had been the best week of his life, only to leave him broken hearted afterwards.

Nick, his best friend had spotted Eve in town the day before and had informed him.

The chance that she would show up at this place looking for him was almost non existing, but he had to know. He just had to know…

He gazed at his wristwatch… Almost 7 PM.

His nerves were raging. His heart beat ferociously.

Then suddenly, very unexpected, time stopped.

She smiled as their eyes met and she quickened her step.

Adam stood up and ran towards her.

When they finally met, they fell into each other’s arms and kissed till they had no breath left to share.

They were unaware of the fact that they were seen, even photographed by a complete stranger, sitting a few yards away on a terrace.

They wouldn’t have cared as they finally had found each other again and that was all that mattered.

(Adam and Eve in Calpe, shortstory written by Johanna Dursin based on the artwork of Vincent Messelier)