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‘Passion Infusion’

‘When 2 lifelong passions come together at a certain point in life. When you imagined it could never be combined, that’s the moment magic happens…

When I was young I dreamed of fast cars, bolides, dream machines… Later when I really had to drive many miles daily, I only needed comfort. Later in my career as an artist, dreams came back in a different way… I discovered my passions crossing my path again saying hello, how are you? At this point, I realized, why shouldn’t I try to combine these two and give them a new dimension of originality, personalized for the people who know already what beauty and passion really is.

This is my first probation, being sure of touching a new art audience and in the meanwhile little driving art museums, knowing that there will be a lot of criticism, but people who are already driving fancy cars are used to this…

The wrap (professional protection material) I make is based on 3 artworks I painted, front, rear and sides. As it is a probation, details can not be 100% realized like on the picture, but it is a good indicator.’

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