ToMèS is a joint venture between two Internationally awarded artists.

Tomas De Bruyne

Tomas De Bruyne from Belgium is one of the most sought after and respected international floral designer today. Tomas (co-) published over 15 books. He has presented and reached audiences at every corner of the continents with his talent and knowledge. Tomas has also been published in more than 60 magazines worldwide. Along with giving seminars and demonstrations he has been commissioned to work on many prestigious projects world-wide. In 2013, a new variety of Gloriosa lily was officially named after Tomas De Bruyne

Vincent Messelier

is an artist-painter-photographer, exhibiting his art all over the globe and award winner with several of his artworks. He also appeared in more then 45 museum artbooks & magazines. He created his own style called ‘Meridianism’ referring to the worlds meridians, by using pallet knives he creates horizontal and vertical stripes and lines. His second line is digital art where he project his photos on a picture of an original artwork or detail, he blends them together in order to obtain unique compositions.


Divine love

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Powerful temptations

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