A unique, sublime, moving co creation of Tomas De Bruyne and Vincent Messelier which convey to the world a vital example and message men and women through their busy lives, especially in cities need to reconnect with nature, learn how to feel « human, present » through the rhythm, beauty and harmony of all organic life.
Tomas De Bruyne‘s testimony is to inspire us all with his transcendance and passion:

« For me, working with flowers is like painting with music. The art of painting music and flower arranging expresses deepest emotions in a tangible and audio visual way.
The universal language of art and very specific of flower arranging has the power to make undefinable feelings more explicit and is, therefore, also a barometer over time ».


So when reflecting in awe upon Tomas De Bruynes’s universal key to perception, we do find the definition of art as a dialogue with ourselves and the world:

“Harmony is a subtle co-existence of contrasts, light and shadow, continuity and discontinuity, soft and harsh.…….

The balance has to be present in all aspects varying from colour over form to proportion.
It is harmony which gives a surplus value to a final arrangement, a unique form of creativity ……

The universal language of art and very specific, the art of flower arranging, has the power to make indefinable feelings more explicit and is, therefore also, a barometer of our time.…..

I don’t believe we create from a void. As Gaudi said, the human always has to elaborate on what already is”.

Both Tomas De Bruyne and Vincent Messelier elaborate on the beautiful rhythms of nature, enhancing, sharing its sacred magic.


Every picture processed by Vincent Messelier, in response to Tomas De Bruyne’s arrangement, becomes an awesome fusion of soft, pure transparencies, an altogether subtle and powerful musical code inviting us to journey beyond time, in a cosmic dimension where flowers are a sacred,

mysterious centre, a centre of light, a sun, a vision, a birth, a beginning and big bang.
We find ourselves immersed in the purity of beauty, the delicate, soft feel of flowers, in contrast with the harshness of some powerful contrasts, definitions which cut through like thorns.
And like in a musical sentence , all emotions are orchestrated, connected in harmony so the viewer can be beyond and behind the city wall, free as the reeds, trees and flowers, in the breath of time.
A unique art form indeed to our delight.

Béatrice Cofield – Art Director | All rights reserved |