In 2015, Lulu Wang, a famous Dutch, Chinese author published a book ‘Life Long in Love’ (Levenlangverliefd) with poems of herself and artworks from seven different artists, among which Vincent Messelier.

Lulu Wang is a Chinese-born writer who has lived in the Netherlands since 1986. She is a best-selling novelist and also a columnist for Shijie Bolan (World Vision).

n 1997, she published her semi-autobiographical debut novel, Het Lelietheater (“The Lily Theatre”), which is strewn with Chinese-language proverbs and rhymes translated into Dutch. The novel sold over 800,000 copies in the Netherlands and earned her the Gouden Ezelsoor in 1998 for the bestselling literary debut work; the following year, it won an International Nonino Prize at the Salzburg Easter Festival. 

In 1997, she was noted to be the best-selling Dutch-language author. The novel has been translated from Dutch into several languages, including English.

“For a while, her name was virtually the only one an average Dutch reader could produce when asked to name a Chinese writer.” 

Her 2010 novel, Wilde rozen is, like her debut, a book based on her life in China; this time, the main character is twelve-year-old Qiangwei, who grows up during the Cultural Revolution. Wang called it her most personal book yet.

In 2012, she published Nederland, wo ai ni, a book app containing animations, music, and a discussion forum, also available as an e-book; it was later published in a printed version as well. A second book app was published in 2013, Zomervolliefde, a bilingual Dutch and Chinese publication including poems, illustrations, a song, and a short movie.

In addition to being a best-selling author, Wang works as a columnist for the international Chinese-language magazines World Vision (Chinese: 世界博览, pinyin: Shìjiè Bólǎn) and World Affairs (Chinese: 世界知识, pinyin: Shìjiè Zhīshì).

(Source Article: Wikipedia)